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Co-Chair (Male)

Chadwick (Chad) Cowie

Chad Cowie is from the Anishinaabe community of Manominiiking (Mississaugas of Rice Lake – also referred to as Hiawatha First Nation) just outside of Peterborough Ontario. Currently, Chad is a ‘Prospective Ph.D’ student within the Department of Political Science at the University of Alberta, where he focuses on Canadian, Comparative, and Indigenous politics. Prior to attending the University of Alberta, Chad obtained his Masters of Arts (M.A) in Political Studies from the University of Manitoba) and his Honours Bachelors of Arts (B.A) at Western University (2008).

While attending Western University, Chad first became involved with the Liberal Party of Canada through the Western Liberal Campus Club in 2005. Following his joining of the LPC, Chad quickly became involved at an executive level – becoming the Model Parliament Director (2006-2007) as well as the Vice President of Outreach (2007-2008). Following his time within the Western Liberals, Chad successfully ran to be the Vice President Indigenous Youth of the IPC and YLC (2009-2012) and, lastly, Co-Chair (Male) between 2012-2014.

Throughout Chad’s involvement in executive positions of different components of the LPC, Chad also has volunteered on many campaigns, whether during a federal election or internal elections within the party, on a regular basis.

In addition to Chad’s Liberal involvement, he has also served as a First Nations Department Rep at Western University (2006-2007), President of Western’s First Nations Students’ Association (2006-2008); Policy Analyst and Researcher at the Chiefs of Ontario (2009-2010), President of the Students of Masters of Public Administration and Political Studies (SAMPA) at the University of Manitoba (2011-2012), Vice President Internal of the University of Manitoba Graduate Students’ Association (2012-2013), as well as the PhD Representative of the Political Science Graduate Students’ Association at the University of Alberta (2014-2015).

Currently, Chad resides on the traditional territory of the Mohawk and within Montreal, Quebec (where he continue to work on his dissertation through the University of Alberta, which focuses on Indigenous participation in Canadian federal electoral institutions).

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