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Vice-President (Operations)

Brandon Pardy



Brandon Pardy is of mixed Inuit and Scottish parentage of southern Labrador and Apex, Nunavut – born and raised in Cartwright and Goose Bay, Labrador. Bridging the north and the south, Brandon can be found hunting and fishing one week and wearing a suit and tie the next. Brandon has been actively engaged; as a social justice activist, a student union executive on three different university campuses and deeply engaged with the Canadian Federation of Students promoting and growing Indigenous engagement from Newfoundland and Labrador to a national level.

He has also served on dozens of boards, committees, and non-profit organisations promoting Labrador, Indigenous and other social justice causes. Brandon has a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science, as well as Bachelors of Environmental Studies, a Masters of Environmental Studies with a focus on Aboriginal education methodologies and sustainable communities as well as a Diploma in Education.

Brandon has worked with the federal government in Inuit Relations, Education and Social Development redesigning the Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy, and more recently Brandon was a federal crown negotiator on Aboriginal claims and self-government. During the final years at INAC, Brandon completed a competitive process to participate in the Aboriginal Leadership Development Initiative geared to develop leadership and executive skills of pre-executive INAC employees.

During this time Brandon was also bi-weekly columnist with focussing on Labrador, Indigenous, Northern and many other issues. Throughout Brandon’s life and career people know him to be a proud ambassador for Labrador and Indigenous issues. Since his departure from INAC in 2013, Brandon has gone on as an Aboriginal governance and land claim consultant. Brandon currently works for Yvonne Jones, Member of Parliament for Labrador.


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