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IPC Regional Commissions


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IPC-British Columbia (IPCBC):

Chair: Conrad Desjarlais

IPC-Alberta (IPCA):

Chair: Michelle Robinson

IPC-Saskatchewan (IPCS):

Chair: Wendy Gervais

IPC-Manitoba (IPCM):

Chair: Rebecca Chartrand

IPC-Ontario (IPCO):

Co-Chair (Female): Suzy Kies

Co-Chair (Male): Nathan Sukhdeo

IPC-Quebec (IPCQ):

Co-Chair (English): Vacant

Co-Chair (French): Vacant

IPC-Maritime Region:

Chair: Vacant

Vice-Chair (New Brunswick): Vacant
Vice-Chair (PEI): Vacant
Vice-Chair (Nova Scotia): Vacant

IPC-Newfoundland and Labrador (IPCNL):

Chair: Vacant


Chair: Ekpak Gray

IPC-Northwest Territories (IPCNWT):

Chair: Vacant

IPC-Yukon (IPCY):

Chair: Vacant



For more information about our Regional Commissions, or if you’d like more information about joining, please contact us.