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IPC Executive


Indigenous Peoples’ Commission

Table Officers
Co-Chair (Male) Conrad Desjarlais
Co-Chair (Female) Suzy Kies
Vice-Chair, Operations Reina Sinclair
Vice-Chair, Communications VACANT
Vice-Chair, Policy Nathan Sukhdeo
Vice-Chair, Membership & Organization Michelle Robinson
Commission Representatives
Representative, Indigenous Youth Representative to the Young Liberals of Canada (YLC) Deliah Bernard
Representative, National Women’s Liberal Commission VACANT
Provincial & Territorial Chairs
Chair, British Columbia Claire Marshall
Chair, Alberta Chris Shade
Chair, Saskatchewan Tyler Gervais
Chair, Manitoba Dawn Olivence
Chair, Ontario VACANT
Chair, Quebec VACANT
Chair, Nunavut Ekpak Gray
Chair, Maritimes Region Ryan Francis
Vice-Chair, Maritimes Region Julie Pellissier-Lush
Chair, Newfoundland & Labrador John Jeddore
LPC Commissions Coordinator James Christie




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