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IPC Executive


Indigenous Peoples’ Commission

Table Officers
Co-Chair (Male) Conrad Desjarlais
Co-Chair (Female) Suzy Kies
Vice-Chair, Operations Reina Sinclair
Vice-Chair, Communications Bryan Croquette 
Vice-Chair, Policy Nathan Sukhdeo
Vice-Chair, Membership & Organization Michelle Robinson
Commission Representatives
Representative, Indigenous Youth Representative to the Young Liberals of Canada (YLC) Deliah Bernard
Representative, National Women’s Liberal Commission Lynn Geary
Provincial & Territorial Chairs
Chair, British Columbia Joseph Pierre
Chair, Alberta Chris Shade
Chair, Saskatchewan Tyler Gervais
Chair, Manitoba Dawn Olivence
Chair, Ontario VACANT
Chair, Quebec Jay Launière-Mathias
Chair, Nunavut Ekpak Gray
Chair, Maritimes Region Ryan Francis
Vice-Chair, Maritimes Region Julie Pellissier-Lush
Chair, Newfoundland & Labrador John Jeddore
LPC Commissions Coordinator James Christie




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