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The Aboriginal Peoples’ Commission (APC) is actively involved in the Liberal Party’s policy development process.  The APC drives the development of the Party’s Indigenous platform and so reflects the direction of Indigenous members, including First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples.

The APC has actively engaged with Indigenous and non-Indigenous Liberals to arrive at the following 10 policies to be presented at the 2014 Biennial Convention in Montreal in February:

  1. Acknowledging the Past in Order to Move Forward: A Resolution to Officially Reject The 1969 White Paper (Priority)
  2. A Resolution for a New Approach to Urban Indigenous Policy
  3. Equal Opportunity: A Resolution for Equal Indigenous Access to Education, Funding for Education, and Extra-Curricular Activities
  4. A Resolution for Assisting Post-Secondary and Secondary Indigenous Students with Child Care
  5. A Resolution for Continued Support of Intergenerational Healing of the Canadian/Indigenous Relationships
  6. A Resolution for Further Inclusion to the Liberal Party of Canada: Recognizing the Concept of Two-Spiritedness
  7. A Resolution to Negotiate and Implement a Joint-Understanding of Consultation between the Canadian state and Indigenous Nations
  8. A Resolution to Denounce Spying on Indigenous Peoples/Organizations
  9. Implementing the Kelowna Accord
  10. Drinking Water and Sanitation in First Nations Communities

The resolutions presented are the product of the conversations with hundreds of people across the country. Thanks to everyone who shared your thoughts and your vision for a way forward. We hope these resolutions can be part of the process to building a new relationship, one based on respectful partnership, and mutual respect– the type of relationship as envisaged so long ago.

Liberal Leaf

View a summary of existing policies of the Liberal Party of Canada with respect to Indigenous peoples:

  1. Education
  2. Housing
  3. Health
  4. Missing & Murdered Aboriginal Women
  5. Economic Opportunities
  6. Indian Act
  7. Land Claims
  8. Kelowna Accord – Strengthening Relationships and Moving Forward

View the 2011 Federal Election Platform here.