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Announcement Of The Creation Of The New Indigenous Ministries, Including Minister Of Crown-Indigenous Relations And Minister Of Indigenous Services

Posted on August 30, 2017

Announcement Of The Creation Of The New Indigenous Ministries, Including Minister Of Crown-Indigenous Relations And Minister Of Indigenous Services

AUGUST 10, 2017

“Today’s announcement and changes to the Cabinet show an important and historic change to the Canadian relationship with Indigenous nations and peoples – we full heartedly welcome Minister Bennett as the Minister for Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs; Not to mention Minister Philpott in the role of Minister of Indigenous Services ,” Chad Cowie, Co-Chair of the Indigenous Peoples’ Commission stated. “The process of decolonization and reconciliation is not an easy road to be travelled or enacted but we have confidence that the Trudeau government is working its hardest to do so – learning along the way and acknowledging that there are many different sides that must be consulted with – the introduction of both Minister Bennett and Minister Philpott to their new roles is a shining example of this.”

Quotes from release from the Prime Minister’s Office August 28, 2017

Hon. Carolyn Bennett’s role – The new Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs will guide the Government’s forward-looking and transformative work to create a new relationship with Indigenous Peoples. A key part of the Minister’s mandate will be to lead a consultation process to determine how best to replace INAC with the two new departments. The Minister will also be tasked with better whole-of-government coordination on our nation-to-nation, Inuit-Crown, and government-to-government relationships, to accelerate self-government and self-determination agreements based on new policies, laws and operational practices, and to develop a framework to advance a recognition of rights approach that will last well beyond this government.

Hon. Jane Philpott’s role – The new Minister of Indigenous Services will continue the important work of improving the quality of services delivered to First Nations, Inuit and Métis people. This will include ensuring a consistent, high quality, and distinctions-based approach to the delivery of those services. A rigorous results and delivery approach will be adopted, focused on improving outcomes for Indigenous Peoples. Over time, one fundamental measure of success will be that appropriate programs and services will be increasingly delivered, not by the Government of Canada, but instead by Indigenous Peoples as they move to self-government. At the conclusion of this consultation, services currently delivered to Indigenous Peoples by other departments shall be considered for transfer into the new department (e.g. health delivery).


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